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It Is that Time to get your 2016 Nominations IN!


Over the years many upstanding Lodi residents have been honored with awards and in 1987 it was decided a more formal nomination process should be established.  The awards selection committee is formed from past honorees to take nominations and make the annual decision. 


Nominees are to be upstanding citizens who have made a positive impact on the Lodi Community through their actions.  These actions should be over a span of time and should be voluntary in nature.


Nominations can be made by anyone in the community, and the panel of past award honorees weights the choices, debates their strengths and eventually arrives at a decision.

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Here are the Esteemed list of Past Honorees

1970 Dr. T.O. “Doc” Goeres 
1971 John Weber
1972 F William “Bill” Michel
1973 25 Lodi Business Leaders
1974 Wilfred “Bill” Brethorst
1975 Earl Hillestad
1976 Engle Knerzer
1977 Robert Nieman
1978 Martha Knutson
1979Kenneth Nelson
1980 Mildred Falkenstein
1981 Al Markgraf, Clarence Markgraf, Eddie Steele
1982 Donald Ryan
1983 Elda Kohlman
1984 Frank Fentress, Curtis Hugill, Glenn Stoddard
1985 Bob Daniels
1986 Ed Hamre
1987 Vilas G. Hibbard
1988 Ted Goeres
1989 Paul Dalton
1990 Dr. Wallace Irwin
1991 John Brownrigg, SR.
1992 Frank Groves
1993 Trudy Weber Schooley
1994 Lois Ryan
1995 Bob Weber
1996 Jack & Doreen Reinwand
1997 Jim Schmiedlin
1998 Byron “Butch” Wickham
1999 Roger Severson
2000 Chuck Pursell
2001 Bill Haupt
2002 Judy Brownrigg
2003 Kevin Hinckley
2004 Linda & Bill Brimmer
2005 Peg Zaemisch
2006 George Robson
2007 Doug Meek
2008 Joan Gehrke

2009 Darlene Brisky
2010 Curtis Hossman
2011 Howard Blanchar
2012 Richard “Tack” Ness
2013 Monte Thompson
2014 Jennie Larsen

2015 Jim and Linda Krinke